Family | Values | Tradition

In the years since the company was founded by Wilhelm Geiger in 1923, it has developed into one of the largest employers in the region. The award we received from the “Great Place to Work” institute in the course of an employee survey is proof that we can also count ourselves among the best in Germany.

The foundation of and secret ingredient in our company philosophy is our acknowledgment of our entrepreneurial roots, the close and trustful relationship between the associate families, our awareness of the dedication and the loyalty of our employees toward our company, absolute customer focus, and last but not least our commitment to the values written down in our guidelines and basic principles, which are lived by on all levels.

And on top of that, our determination, our willingness, and at times also our courage to face the changing times, to identify opportunities, familiarize ourselves with new strategies, and then tap into potentials - all this has characterized our company from the very beginning more than 90 years ago.


The seniors, the partners, and the juniors in a family portrait. Back row from left to right: Pius Geiger, Josef Geiger, Pius Geiger jr., Stephan Geiger, Josef Geiger jr., Johannes Geiger. Front row from left to right: Pius Geiger sr., Adolf Geiger (painting), Josef Geiger sr.