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Lasting success is only granted to those who aspire to be better.

That is true for us as well as our employees. When Wilhelm Geiger founded the company in 1923 in Oberstdorf, he knew exactly what he could count on: himself, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his determination to be better and better. Two generations later, it is still this determination which allowed Geiger to grow into a group of companies with more than 2,000 employees. Ever since the company was founded, we have been a reliable employer to our staff. We offer attractive career opportunities, long-term jobs in more than 50 locations across southern Germany and neighboring countries, and a special corporate culture.

Values | Philosophy

For a company shaped by the family who founded it, the values it has adopted and made its own are the decisive factor that makes a difference in competition. And it starts with our employees. Well-qualified, performance-oriented, self-reliant, motivated employees are a basic prerequisite for the realization of our company goals. Therefore, our employees are our greatest asset.